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The goal of the Board of County Road Commissioners of Kalamazoo County is using our expertise, energy and funds to provide the safest and most convenient road system possible, and to contribute to economic  development and
high quality of life throughout the county.

Our goal is to maintain a county road system that is safe and convenient for public travel and to manage the roadside environment, with a view toward preservation.

The Kalamazoo County Road Commission (KCRC) maintains 1,266.68 miles of road throughout the 576 square mile county.  The primary road system consists of 449.28 miles; the remaining 817.40 miles comprise the local system.  Along with our maintenance operations, we maintain 60 bridges, over 20,400 signs, 47 traffic signals and 41 flashing lights at intersections.

Working with other governmental units, we work hard to locate and maximize every dollar available for infrastructure maintenance and construction. We are dedicated to public service and available to serve you.

Our regular office hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m, Monday - Friday.



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Seasonal Weight Restrictions Lifted
(posted Apr 16, 2014)

Seasonal weight restrictions will be removed, EFFECTIVE
6:00 a.m. Monday, April 21, 2014 on roads under the jurisdiction of the Kalamazoo County Road Commission.  more

4-11-14 Press Update
(posted Apr 11, 2014)

Kalamazoo, MI- In an effort to keep local drivers informed of the latest traffic and road maintenance operations, the Kalamazoo County Road Commission has provided the following update for April 11, 2014.
"This information is made available to assist motorists in planning for construction delays,"Tom Hohm, Road Commission Engineer Director said. "Motorists are reminded to be alert, slow down, stay informed, and be cautious approaching the work zone."
Please note: This information is subject to change. Projects, road closures and timing can change from day to day, depending upon a number of factors, and traffic delays can develop in a matter of minutes due to weather conditions, emergency situations, etc.  more

Rough Roads Ahead
(posted Mar 14, 2014)

As temperatures rise throughout the day and fall below freezing during the night, the Kalamazoo County Road Commission (KCRC) would like to warn motorists that gravel roads are likely to become increasingly difficult to travel and of increasing potholes on paved roads. Frequent temperature fluctuations combined with the erratic rain and/or snow, while at the same time the ground is thawing results in very unstable roadways.  more

Joint Township Meetings
(posted Mar 07, 2014)

The Board of County Road Commissioners of Kalamazoo County and the management team from the Kalamazoo County Road Commission (KCRC) continue to meet annually with local township officials at each township in joint township meetings across the County. The purpose of the annual joint meetings is to provide another communication opportunity to review areas of mutual interest within each perspective township and receive feedback from township officials and citizens. The meetings provide township officials and citizens with another avenue to discuss infrastructure projects and feedback on maintenance issues.  more

Winter Maintenance - Snow Berms in Driveways
(posted Feb 06, 2014)

The Kalamazoo County Road Commission (KCRC) recognizes that snow plowing leaves snow berms that may block some driveways, mailboxes and/or cars. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but in making as many roads passable as quickly as possible there is no way to avoid snow berms or snow in driveways. Plow trucks by design move the snow from the roadway to the right side of the road leaving the snow in front of driveways and along the properties.  more

Winter Maintenance Update: Kalamazoo County Plat Developments
(posted Jan 28, 2014)

Kalamazoo County PLAT Developments
Rudgate, Texas Heights, Colony Woods; Texas Township
Country Club Estates, Westport, Oshtemo Woods; Oshtemo Township  more

Snow Removal Update
(posted Jan 27, 2014)

We are receiving many service requests from subdivision or plat streets and dead-end and cul-de-sac roads. Unfortunately, we do not have a specific time frame as to when these roads will be cleared; it will depend on winter maintenance conditions as we continue to work within our priority system.  more

Please Remove Cars from Roadway
(posted Jan 06, 2014)

Please remove cars and garbage bins from the roadway.  more

Shake Your Mailbox
(posted Oct 18, 2013)

Saturday, October 19th is the 5th Annual Shake Your Mailbox day!  more

Residents ordered by Circuit Court to Remove Non-Conforming Mailboxes
(posted Jul 12, 2013)

Removal order issued by Circuit Court for all Non-Conforming Mailboxes.  more

Transportation Report Shows Cost of Legislative Inaction
(posted Feb 05, 2013)

Legislative inaction is causing Michigan roads to deteriorate at a rate of $3 million daily- more than $1 billion annually -according to a report released by the County Road Association of Michigan.  more

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Your Local Road Professionals for Over 100 Years

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